• 15.02.2017: SUM OF R with ESBEN AND THE WITCH (UK) at Bogen F, Zürich
  • 14.04.2017: SUM OF R with Zeal & Ardor, Khaldera a.o. at Czar Fest 2017, Kaserne Basel
  • 19.06.2017: SUM OF R wiht DEAFHEAVEN (USA) at Le Romandie, Lausanne
  • 30.06.2017: SUM OF R with SCHAMMASCH & ZATOKREV at Coq d'Or, Olten
  • 06.07.2017: SUM OF R at Dome Of Rock Festival, Rockhouse, Salzburg (AUT)
SUM OF R Promophoto 2016   NEW LIVE LINE-UP

Reto Mäder: Guitar, drones, effects
Fabio Costa: Drums, percussion, effects

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  SUM OF R - "LIGHTS ON WATER" LP/CD/DL (Utech Records / Sum Of R, 2014)

On "Lights on Water" Sum Of R discover their roots within a prehistoric ceremonial context. Those roots go back to times where the sounds of nature were reigned in, ritualized and utilized as food for the soul. Lights on Water represents growth in every sense of the word: growth in more concrete strong structures, and growth based on a period of live performances. It doesn’t matter how dark their vision gets, Mäder’s penchant for beauty always shines the way. What at first sounds like destruction results in a new and powerful reconstructing. Lights on Water stands where the lines between natural sound and human-created sound are blurred and leave only the intensity of raw emotion.