Sum Of R - "Lights on Water" (LP, CD, DL 2014, Utech Records / SUM Of R)

Lights on Water is the second Sum Of R album on Utech Records after their self titled 2008 debut. Lights on Water represents growth in every sense of the word: growth in more concrete song structures, and growth based on a period of live performances. What at first sounds like destruction results in a new and powerful reconstructing. Lights on Water stands where the lines between natural sound and human-created sound are blurred and leave only the intensity of raw emotion.
> Edition of 300 LP's & 500 CD's


  Sum Of R - "Ride out the Waves" (Vinyl EP, 2012, Storm as he Walks)

"Ride Out The Waves" is a methaphisical six chapters story, that describes a Rite of Passage, a complex way to go through any common idea of genres using a living and dynamic approach to find a balance between darkness and light, powerful riffs and subliminal melodies, ritual drums and rarefied atmospheres.

  Sum Of R - "S/T" (CD, 2008, Utech Records)

Switzerland’s Sum Of R constructing/deconstructing sound in ways that infest and cloud the interior of the mind. The implements: electronics, bass guitar, piano, harmonium and Lenco turntables. The science: deep pulsations, organic drones, melodic feedback accompaniment, vinyl loops, analog sound sources, reversed audio, haunting vocal treatments. The sum: a living, breathing organism that sustains varied levels of function without ever losing its holistic unity.
Photography by Rik Garrett.
> Edition of 750


- V.A "Black Mass Rising" (3x LP, 2012, Black Mass Rising, FRA, BMR 2)
- V.A "Does Your Cat Knwo My Dog?" (LP, 2010, Tree:four Records, SUI, TFR004)